All of our beers are proudly brewed in-house with a focus on implementing locally sourced ingredients


On Tap


BLUE-EYED BLONDE: An American-Style Blonde Ale (5.1% ABV)

Pilsner and honey malts produce a clean, smooth beer with a firm hop presence. This is a full-bodied but well-balanced blonde ale. Everything we love about an all-American blonde… and more!


96er: A New England-Style Pale Ale (5.8% ABV)

A soft, well-rounded pale ale influenced by the El Dorado hops which provides a tropical fruit note. This smooth pale ale is a great addition to our summer lineup. This is Matt’s fourth beer and named after a four day weekend in the Marine Corps… he enjoyed these 96 hours in the service just like you’ll enjoy 96er.


STREET SMAHT NEIPA: A Non-Traditional New England-Style IPA (5.8% ABV)

Hazy, crisp and dry… Connecticut grown malt, flaked oats and plenty of El Dorado, Amarillo & Summit hops gives this beer a clean, aromatic profile… a “wicked good” spring-time beer!


1-WAY IPA: A Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) IPA (6.3% ABV)

A clean, crisp beer with an aromatic and firm northwest hop presence. There’s only 1-way to drink this delicious beer… with friends and family at CSBC.

GREEN MOUNTAIN IPAIPA: A Classic Northeast-Style Double IPA (7.9% ABV)

A full malty base is accompanied by 3 of the classic “C” hops, Cascade, Centennial & Chinook. In honor of the Green Mountain State where Pete & Tim were born & raised… if you can’t say it, it’s time for a soda!

LUCKY #19: A Brown Sugar ESB (Extra Special Bitter) (6.3% ABV)

A well-balanced, malt-forward beer with a smooth toffee finish from the addition of brown sugar. Named after my boys… Nick and John… both born on the 19th…our lucky number!


CHARLIE BROWN: A Mild-Session Brown Ale (5.7% ABV)

Mild and smooth with a hint of roasted chocolate. This easy-drinking, light-bodied brown ale is an every day, any time beer… just like it’s namesake… simple, reliable and uncomplicated!


BROWN-EYED GIRL: A Dark-Brown American Ale (6.3% ABV)

Chocolate malt is married with Chinook and East Kent Goldings hops for a delicious, full-bodied beer throughout. Inspired by my all-American Brown-Eyed Girl!


MOCHA JO PORTER: A Seasonal Porter (7.1% ABV)

Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, organic cacao nibs, Colombian coffee… silky smooth. The perfect combination of beer, chocolate and coffee!

Banana Hammock: A Belgian-American Wheat Beer (5.0% ABV)

This refreshing light-bodied beer is made with Belgian pilsner, American white wheat & Canadian Honey malts. Centennial hops blend well w/ the grainy, nutty malt character and hint of traditional banana profile from the yeast.


other beverages



A dry-hopped California common ale


Named after Winifred Benham and her daughter, also Winifred Benham, who were both the last to be tried for witchcraft in New England. Where was the trial held?? Right in our hometown of Wallingford.


An all-Connecticut hop and malt IPA


A grapefruit inspired New England IPA


A tangerine infused summer wheat beer


An easy drinking cream ale


A citrusy summer American wheat beer

AVERY’S SODA (New Britain, CT)

We carry a wide variety of Avery’s soda beverages; from Diet Cola to Watermelon, it is a tasty alternative for children or designated drivers!


House Wine offers a wide variety of canned wine that delivers on quality and taste in a convenient package!


The original unfiltered craft cider that offers a refreshing and flavorful twist on apple cider!